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  • Poker
  • Rummy91
  • Ludo91
  • TicTacToe
  • Igloria
  • Basketball
  • Crazyjump3
  • SpaceWay

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What Khel91 Offers?

Khel91 offers you 30+ games to play from. Choose from adventure, action, sports & many other categories. From games like Chess, Ludo, Carrom to Football, Cricket & Kabaddi, we have it all. Play games online & stand out in the leaderboards. Connect with your friends & see who the real winner is.

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About Khel91

Khel91 is an online gaming platform that offers a plethora of games, fantasy sports, quiz and more! Don’t just play but win real cash for playing your favorite mobile games. Sounds fun, right? With Khel91, you can play 30+ games & multiple fantasy sports on your mobile to win great prizes. With ultimate gaming experience Khel91 has on offer, you’d want to play more & win more. You also get a referral bonus for every referral you make.


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Khel91 is the biggest gaming app in India based on the number of unity games, special tournaments and formats. Khel91 is available only to people above 18 years of age. Khel91 is available in all states where permissible by extant law. Consequently, users located in some states may not be able to access our App or its contests. For an updated list of such states, please download the App

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